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New Zealand tahr with Johnny Harris, TexasImagine a land where plentiful big-game animals are considered pests. Where, after being imported from around the globe, they have thrived for 150 years in a country free of natural predators.

New Zealand is a hunter's dream. Overseas visitors find it hard to believe there are few restrictions on the hunting of big game animals here - few deer species have seasons and there are no bag. In fact, hunting is the only means of control.

My name is James Gray and I have been a professional hunter for more than 25 years, 15 of them as a professional guide.

My business is based in New Zealand's South Island, just 20 minutes from Christchurch City's international airport. That said, I guide hunters all over the country, ensuring that their hunting package meets their needs.

I can tailor a hunting holiday to any requirements, from free-range to Safari park. We offer special deals for fathers and sons, and I am conscious that non-hunting companions may need their holiday needs catered for. I also cater for bowhunters.

With extensive contacts around the country, I can organise a holiday for you that promises the best of hunting, sightseeing, adventure tourism ... whatever your needs. I personally guide each and every one of my clients to ensure their holiday lives up to expectations.

I hope you can spend some time exploring my website. Please check out my testimonials and find out a little about our wonderful country under the New Zealand link. It is a safe destination with no dangerous predators or snakes. It enjoys a temperate climate, a stable democracy, no ethnic unrest, and a low crime rate. In short, it is a safe, beautiful destination.

If you have any questions about visiting New Zealand or what we can offer, do not hesitate to contact me.

Happy hunting,

James Gray


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