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Greg and Sam Hansen from Australia have just booked their 10th hunt with me for 2012.

Anup Chibb from Singapore has had 9 hunts with me.

During February of 2011 I undertook a 3 day 1 x 1 duck hunt with James Gray in the Cheviot region of South Island. From pick up to drop off at Christchurch International I could not find fault with his operation.

His intimate knowledge of game bird habits and his ability to predict their behaviour ensured that I made my bag limit almost every day - when I did not it was wholly due to my poor shooting and his assistance in rectifying this was invaluable. His relationships with the numerous interesting farmers on whose land we hunted are based on respect and goodwill. James is a mine of useful hunting information on his own as well as other countries he has hunted and visited and he is a fantastic raconteur. His ability to deftly turn game animals of various types into tasty meals must be seen to be believed - the food was always good.

Despite his predilection for dark beer, Peter Pan safari pants and semi-auto shotguns, I unreservedly recommend James Gray as a bird hunting guide because he is first and foremost a man of the land who knows and understands how it works, and respects that. I look forward to more good times hunting with him again in 2012.

Russell Woods, Brisbane, Australia
May, 2011

[Russell returned in 2012 - along with a friend].

"Here are a few pictures from my trip with you. I had a great time. I have recommended you to several people and given them your information. I will continue to do so.
"My time in Australia was excellent as well. I hunted with Buffalo Safaris Unlimited. Their operation was outstanding. It is very rare to get two great hunts in a row.
"I can say with confidence that hunting with you and Buffalo Safaris was definitely the best run operations I have ever hunted with.
"Thank you"
Greg Edwards
28 September, 2005

"Thanks again for helping to make my trip to New Zealand such a successful one, you were a great help.
"Thank you too for your warm hospitality by having Brian an I stay at your home. You have a great family, something to be very proud of. I especially loved Jill's gourmet cooking and choice of wines, oh and your porridge was the best ever! I hope that some day I can return the favour. Next time you are in America, look me up and come stay at my house, I will have a well stocked wine cellar.
"Cheers to you and your family."
Chuck Jenkins
11 June 2005
"Thank you for all you did for me. The visits to farms and stations were as memorable as the hunting. You had an amazing ability to know just how I wanted to hunt, left up to me I probably would not work as hard or would choose the more comfortable options, but I really have much more fun when pushed a bit and you seemed to understand that. Once again thanks so much."

Dr Fred Marino
8 May, 2001

"This is my third year hunting with James, he is an accomplished hunter as well as a great hunting companion. I recommend him without reservation. His equipment is excellent. The accommodations are at least as good as those we North American hunters expect on our own true wilderness hunts. I recommend this {chamois and tahr} hunt to those who are interested in a true wild free-range fair chase hunt. For those not so inclined, James is able to arrange whatever type of hunting desired."

(note: as of late 2003 Kenn has hunted with me four times, and is returning again.)

Kenn Womack
Granite Bay, Ca, USA
18 June, 2000

"... I would like to thank you for the manner in which you carried out the hunts. The feedback from our clients was extremely positive. It is very pleasing for me to have someone who is competent in all aspects of guiding and that I feel confident in just leaving it to you."

(contract hunt)

Mike Freeman
Christchurch, NZ
23 April, 1999


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