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Small Game Hunting

Including: Wallabies [] Hares [] Rabbits [] Possums

Wallaby Small game is plentiful in New Zealand. The four species targeted are introduced pests and shooting them is considered a help to farmers in pest control, as well as helping to protect New Zealand's delicate native habitat.

Hares, rabbits, and possums can be hunted throughout New Zealand, but Wallabies - a small imported cousin of the Australian kangaroo - are confined to a hilly region about two and a half hours' drive from my home base.

A great novelty for overseas visitors is being able to shoot small game at night from a moving vehicle with the aid of spotlights.

Many hunters enjoy a day or two of small-game shooting as part of their hunting package.

A silenced 223

Because New Zealand has no rules or regulations on small game hunting at all, we are allowed to spotlight from vehicles and using this silenced 223 we can expect up to 30 animals per hour.








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