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About New Zealand

St James Walkway, Hurunui district
St James Walkway, Hurunui district
Hurunui Tourism picture

Waiau Ferry Bridge
Waiau Ferry Bridge, Hurunui district

Hurunui Tourism picture
New Zealand, with four million people, attracts two million tourists a year. It's not difficult to see why. They come for its spectacular scenery, its unspoilt environment, its friendly people, and laidback lifestyle.

It is viewed internationally as a very safe destination. It has a stable democracy, suffers from no ethnic violence, and enjoys a low crime rate. It has suffered little from the global downturn arising from the terrorist attacks of 2001.

It is a Western country which boasts top hotels and restaurants the match of any in the world.

The country has a thriving export sector, led by agriculture. With two million visitors a year, New Zealand has developed a strong tourism sector.

The list of things to do is endless: jetboating, boat cruises, bungy jumping, whitewater rafting, golf, whale watching, snow skiing, water skiing, surfing. You can soak in natural hot springs, play on dozens of golf courses, visit museums, experience native Maori culture, live theatre, or any of hundreds of clubs and bars.

Or, of course, you may wish simply to relax, enjoy the beaches and wide open spaces, and soak up the sunshine.

Let's look at Christchurch, a city of 400,000 just 20 minutes south of my business's base. It offers so many attractions:

  • A fine museum
  • A breathtaking gondola ride
  • A wildlife park
  • The best Antarctic experience outside the continent itself!
  • Historic trams with which to explore the city centre
  • Shops galore (including duty-free)
  • Great open markets
  • Hundreds of restaurants and bars
  • Live theatre most nights
  • Spectacular parks, garden, and architecture

Christchurch is often is called the most English city outside England. You'll quickly see why.

It is deservedly called the Garden City because of the pride its residents take in their properties and its large number of parks and reserves.

This includes the magnificent Hagley Park, right on the edge of the central city, which is home to Christchurch's Botanic Gardens, with many specimens more than a century old.

The city is served by an international airport and is the departure point for the TranzAlpine train, which takes you to the West Coast of the island.

Christchurch is nestled against Banks Peninsula, which provides the city with its harbour of Lyttelton. The Peninsula is also home to the beautiful settlement of Akaroa.

Akaroa, which began life in the 1800s as a French settlement, is just two hours' drive from our Bed and Breakfast. It remains proud of its French heritage and still boasts a strong French flavour. It is a unique slice of New Zealand history and is nestled in a spectacular natural harbour.

Christchurch is also an ideal base from which to visit the Queenstown area, considered one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

Aside from the breathtaking scenery, it is the undisputed adventure capital of the world. You can bungy jump, whitewater raft, hang-glide, or jet boat through precipitous gorges _ all within a few hours of Christchurch.

Just 15 minutes north of my business's base is the Alpine Pacific Triangle. It includes the winegrowing region of Waipara, fast gaining an international reputation. Here, you can relax over lunch or dinner in a vineyard restaurant and decide for yourself.

You can press north up the east coast of the island, through one of the most spectacular environments you're likely to see anywhere in the world, to the coastal town of Kaikoura. Kaikoura has won acclaim worldwide for its whale-watching operation. Off the coast is a deep trench where whales gather to feed. You can be watching these majestic mammals at close hand after a short boat trip.

From Kaikoura, you press inland through spectacular scenery to the alpine thermal resort of Hanmer Springs. This village, tucked at the foot of Mount Isobel, also has an international reputation for its thermal hot springs.

If tramping appeals, further south there are the famous Milford and Heaphy tracks, or perhaps the equally beautiful but less well known Abel Tasman in the north-west corner of the South Island.

Whatever your requirements, we can put together a package around your hunting or fishing needs. And, of course, we can make arrangements to ensure non-hunting companions have the time of their lives as well.


  • Can I bring my own firearm?
    Yes. There is no difficulty bringing sporting rifles into the country. Firearms licences and import permits are available here (PDF document). You need to fill out this form and fax it to the New Zealand police two weeks before arriving in NZ. Fax to 011 64 9 256 0486.

  • Do you have firearms available for hire?
    Yes - see this page.

  • What about hunting clothing?
    You can bring your own or buy it here. I am an agent for Swazi clothing, the leading brand of New Zealand-made clothing for hunters.

  • Is New Zealand easy to reach?
    Yes. There are several flights daily into all of New Zealand's main centres.

  • What is the climate like?
    Summer is November to February, 50F-86F (10-30C).
    Our winter months are May to August, 32F-60F (0-15C)

  • Is it a safe destination?
    Yes. It has a stable democracy, suffers from no ethnic violence, and enjoys a low crime rate.

  • What is its currency?
    The New Zealand dollar, which is worth about US65c (at Dec 03). Here is our Currency Converter.

  • What language is spoken?
    English is the main language spoken, and Maori is also an official language.

  • Are its wilderness areas safe?
    Yes. There are no scorpions, snakes, wolves, bears, big cats, or other predatory animals.

  • Is it easy to gain entry?
    Yes. An entry Visa is not necessary for US residents.

  • Are there investment opportunities in New Zealand?
    Yes. There are plenty of investment opportunities and benefits to doing business in New Zealand. Property from beach and riverside vacation cottages to remote, high country stations are always on the market. For those who want to truly get away from it all, New Zealand is a paradise. Contact James () for further information.

  • Where can I find out more about New Zealand?
    Take a look at Destination New Zealand, here.


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