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Tempted to head Down Under? We would welcome any inquiries. I personally guide all visitors, and put together packages which meet the needs and abilities of each hunter, or their companions.

Please email me at .

Alternatively, you might prefer to telephone. Once you have dialled in your home country for international tolls, dial 64 3 3137928. Our fax number if 64 3 313-7923.

If you are calling from the United States, all you need to dial is 011 64 3 313-7928 for the voice line, or 011 64 3 313-7923 for the fax.

    Please note that New Zealand is:
  • 18 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time.
  • 21 hours ahead of Pacific Daylight time.
  • 12 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.

A deposit of 20% is required.

click here for our

Printable "what to bring form"

What to bring:
Binoculars and ammunition (ammo available in NZ)
Waterproof boots/socks and camp shoes
Hunting clothing various layers, warm hat and peaked
Sun hat, polypropylene under clothing, good gloves
Dry bum pants, gators and town clothing
Water/wind proof hunting coat
Sleeping bag, warm (I can supply these)
Sunglasses (snow) sun/wind cream
Day pack, knife and (range finder if you use one)
Flat shooting rifle about .308 or bigger
Fishing rods?
Camera, good book, favorite music CD's

Taxidermist available. Andrew Holt

Hunting clothing can be purchased from New Zealand before you arrive. Look at and place your order through us to get a discount. This is top-quality hunting wear.

NOTE: Firearms permit required to bring guns into New Zealand.

Guns and fishing equipment can be hired in New Zealand if required.


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