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Big Game Hunting

Red Deer [] Bull Thar [] Chamois [] Fallow Deer [] Sika Deer [] Samba* [] Boars [] Rams [] Goats [] Elk*
*safari park

Red Deer

An imported native of Europe, this species can be hunted between February and September, with the rutting season during April.

Bull Thar

From Nepal, this species can be hunted all year. During the New Zealand winter, from April to October, they have a spectacular winter coat. This is the best time to hunt them. New Zealand is the only place in world where you can hunt thar as the species is protected in its homeland.

Greg Edwards with a bull thar


This species, native to Europe's Pyrenees Mountains, can be hunted all year. Both the males and females grow horns. I have exclusive use of a very large private hunting area, with vehicle access to the top of a mountain. It is rated as the best free-range chamois hunting in New Zealand.

Fallow Deer

A native of Europe, the hunting season is March to October. The rutting season for this species, with its multi-coloured coat, is May.

Fallow deer

Sika Deer

North Island only, and a native of Siberia. We can easily arrange sika hunts, taking a helicopter flight from the central North Island to remote, private back-country huts, and hunting the sika in open valleys. The best time of year is April through July.


Another North Island species, a native of India. I have secured an exclusive samba hunting area in privately owned farmland.


Can be hunted all year. A good selection of animals are available in the wild. These can be hunted by stalking, or with the assistance of dogs.

Arapawa Ram

Introduced by Captain Cook and are now unique to New Zealand, being extinct in their native Spain. Arapawa rams grow horns ranging up to 36 inches (91.5cm), with a 10.5 inch (26.5cm) base.


A large selection of animals are available. These are often hunted on the first day to help clients' ease the effects of jetlag, and to help them get familiar with New Zealand terrain. It is also an ideal opportunity to test the accuracy of rifles.


Rusa (New Caledonia)

New Caledonia is a tropical island paradise 2.5 hours' flight from Auckland. It holds the largest population of Rusa deer in the world. James has exclusive hunting concessions on private farmland. During the hunt we live in chalet accommodation on the farm. There are also large populations of wild turkey and pigs, and deep sea fishing is also available.


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