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Every hunting and holiday package is tailor-made for each visitor. I can cater for visitors wanting a day or two of hunting as part of a pre-arranged holiday, or can help you build your entire holiday around your hunting plans. Most visitors understandably want to enjoy as much of what New Zealand has to offer.

My guiding business is owner-operated. That means that I am your guide for the duration of your hunting experience in New Zealand. If the hunt requires the services of another guide to accompany a party, I engage only professional New Zealand hunting guides.

I am a member of the New Zealand Professional Hunting Guides Association. Rest assured that I can take care of all your hunting needs. I can assist you in arrangements to bring your own hunting rifles into the country. Alternatively, we can provide you with the necessary firearms.

Any taxidermy and exporting of trophies can easily be arranged.

All domestic travel arrangements and accommodation can be arranged for you, whether your preference is for top-class hotels, motels, or a farmstay environment.

As I stressed earlier, arrangements can easily be made to cater for the needs of non-hunting companions. New Zealand has plenty to offer. We can arrange anything from sightseeing flights, jetboating trips, bungy jumping, to boat charters. All we need to know is what you, or your companions, would like to do.


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